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Common Software Problems

Why can't receive the information push?

1. Check the notification management in the local settings of the mobile phone---Whether the notification permission of the Tosee Plus software are all open

2. Check if the motion detection in the "Tosee Plus" software is turned on;

3. Check if "Push Information" in the "Tosee Plus" software is turned on.

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Common problems in purchasing

1. For the first time, the battery camera must be fully charged for 20 hours. Please turn the switch button on during the charging process;

2. Do not connect to the 5G WiFi network. You need to connect to the 2.4G network. The WiFi name cannot have spaces or special symbols. It is recommended to use pure English.

3. After the connection is successful, it is necessary to confirm whether the notification right of the software is all turned on in the notification set by the mobile phone;

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Use time of battery camera

The battery uses 18650 battery and polymer battery, which can be used for recharging;

It needs to be kept on  w hen charging.     

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Setting up Management Password and Sharing

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All-Radio Battery Camera APP Download and Installation

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Internet Smart Camera APP Download

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Smart Home APP Download

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Two-way Wake-up and Mobile Detection of Battery Camera

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User Addition and Sharing

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How long can a memory card record?

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