Smarter security by your side.

Our story began in 1999 while working at a world renowned security camera company.

The security industry was slowly but surely making the switch from analog to digital. “Digital, high-definition, internet connected, smart devices” were the future of security cameras.

However, at the time IP cameras were not only difficult to install, but also tough to use. We knew there had to be a solution to this problem, therefore we began reaching out to technology specialists and scientific resources.


We build trusted, lifelong customer relationships by creating innovative, smart security solutions that deliver an exceptional user experience.

Keeper is a technology-innovative company with a business scope of R&D and sales of new smart home products. It has a first-class software and hardware development team and provides a complete solution for mobile Internet intelligent hardware products.


Our vision is to bring peace of mind by connecting and protecting what people care about the most.

Keeper began making security cameras in 1999, and have since perfected our craft while extending our passion to many other smart devices, such as :

Battery Camera
4G Camera
Floodlight Camera
Solar Camera
Doorbell Camera